art direction

art direction

Wine & Spirits Fall 2014 Cover

Issue Concept: Teach readers how to taste wine and to create their own tasting panel.

Cover theme: Rather than going with the traditional “nose in glass with wine” style of tasting portrayal (spoiler alert: it never looks good), tasting notes of what you would find in tasting red wine would fill the glass instead.

This issue went on to become the best selling Fall issue the magazine produced.

The cover design was by Greg Betza.

Wine & Spirits Fall 2017 Cover

Issue Concept: Merging pathways between the wine and tech world.

Cover theme: This started out with several tech-related themes involving a user searching a wine list on a tablet, drone wine delivery, and computer servers translating wine tasting notes into binary data.

Working with the editor, we ended up with a pouring binary idea and tweaked it to bring the wine aspect back to the forefront.

The cover design was by Paul Hoppe.

Wine & Spirits Fall 2017 Spread: If/Then

Feature Theme: Wine tasting pathways for a grape varietal.

Since the overall issue theme was “pathways,” the natural course was to design a tree diagram. While this idea was good, the editor felt that was too rigid and preferred something flowy and organic-like.

After many drafts, a game board style design was decided on. The layout format would overall give the reader and editorial stronger engagement with the piece.

My respect for table top game board designers have gone up tremendously after this.