wsla drink + eat


WSLA Drink + Eat

March-June 2019

WSLA Drink + Eat celebrates America’s most popular restaurant wines from Wine & Spirits April 2019 Restaurant Poll and LA’s top places to eat & drink.

My Role

For Wine & Spirits’ inaugural wine event in Los Angeles, I was the main designer for the collateral and program.

The Goal

Create an easy-to-understand program and signage for guests.

The Problem & Hypothesis

Having done numerous events with Wine & Spirits, the main complaints about the event collateral from internal and external sources were:

  1. How ineffective the event map was used for navigation.

  2. Event guests finding each other by winery table name when there was no number guidance on the sign.

  3. Overall readability.

To resolve these issues, I applied UX principles to this event’s collateral so it’s better streamlined for future ones to come.

By giving a clear guide to users, navigating around the event space will be drastically improved.

Research Goal & Highlights

Out of 8 interviewees, they collectively suggested ordering the winery list by table number in the event program.

Despite the majority voting on a change in this structure, the editor of the magazine insisted on keeping the list by winery in the directory; he feared ordering it by number may have the wineries think it was their ranking in our magazine. As a halfway happy solution to this issue, I opted to include both list styles at the beginning of the program: one directory featuring wineries by name, the other by table number.

And yes, I made sure to include the numbers were each respective winery’s table number.

Main Feature


Adding Table Numbers to Signage

This feature not only reflected the directory by winery table in the program to help users, it increased the efficiency of the Wine Liaison team during the set-up phase by 15 minutes.

Final Product